Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy


Ritchie Bros. helps consignors achieve the highest net return on the sale of their equipment and trucks. We do this by attracting large and diverse bidding audiences from around the world, comprised primarily of end users, and allowing them to compete in a transparent and fair bidding environment using a variety of on-site and online participation options.

In August 2020 we formalized a new strategy to address the large and fragmented used equipment marketplace that we operate in today. We believe our new strategy will help us unlock significant growth opportunities by building on Ritchie Bros.’ core business and expanding into additional services. We offer a wide range of sales channels and formats to our customers providing unprecedented choice including live auction, online simulcast auction, featured online auctions, marketplaces as well as private contract negotiations. We are building on our position as a trusted advisor to our customers by evolving from transactional selling to meeting the needs of our customers through solution selling.

We see significant growth opportunities ahead by becoming the trusted global marketplace for insights, services, and transaction solutions for commercial assets. This represents not a shift, but an expansion of our former vision and the transaction solutions for which we are already well known. We value our long-tenured relationships with our customers, and the trust they have in our brand and platform. We are leveraging our sales channels to create a global marketplace for services and solutions that help our customers gain the insights they need to make decisions and run their businesses. We also intend to offer complimentary third party services on our platform where it will help our customers.

This strategy is supported by five strategic pillars on which we will build our future success:

Our Strategic pillars

Customer Experience - At Ritchie Bros., we have a long history, culture and passion for helping our customers. We continue to find ways to enrich our customers’ experience by making our processes easier, our offerings more complete and our brands simpler.

Employee Experience - We cannot deliver a great customer experience without great employees. We continue to strive to create the best workplace for all employees and to create a place where they want to build a career. We encourage open and honest dialogue and are committed to robust communications from management to employees and creating channels for them to give feedback, as well as fixing processes and technology to improve the work environment for the benefit of both customers and employees.

Modern Architecture - We are transitioning to a modern architecture based in the cloud and comprised of microservices that allow us to create a single presence for our customers across all of our solutions. A modern architecture will allow flexibility and agility to enable scalable growth for us, our customers, and our partners.

Inventory Management System - We see our Inventory Management System, which integrates and tracks inventory data for selected customers, as a gateway for our customers to access our marketplaces and services. With the data, we can offer more timely and proactive advice and solutions to our customers with more ease of use.

Accelerate growth - We continually seek to identify areas to pilot improved business processes to positively impact the customer experience. We look to accelerate growth by scaling the learnings from these pilots into our global operations.

We believe our new strategy of becoming the global trusted marketplace for commercial assets will allow us to better serve our customers and will facilitate better penetration into non-auction markets and associated services. Building an integrated, easy to use marketplace, and becoming the trusted advisor to our customers opens significant potential for our business. We will start, as always, with our customers and our partners, and make sure we are building what they need.

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